Welcome Aboard!

Good evening! I have been pondering the thought of having a travel blog for some time now, though I was not sure if I would have the time (or the talent) to fully pursue it. However, it is now or never!

So, let us dive on in with the introductions! I am a full time wife, mother, college student, and I work from home. I am always on the go, but I would not have it any other way. I love spending time with my family, watching college sports, NHL, MLB, Camping, Racing, Photography, Cooking, reading on my Kindle, and of course, traveling!

In the upcoming blogs, I will post about our most recent trips, and up coming trips- whether they be for just one night, or for a whole week.

I will try to keep this page interesting for everyone. In addition to reading about traveling tips, experiences, horror stories (yes, I have plenty of those- and how to resolve them!), but you will also see recipes, parenting stories, occasional sports talk, free Kindle reads, or any freebie I come across that catches my attention, and of course, giveaways. I plan to host giveaways in the near future, but until then, I will be more than happy to pass along other ones I stumble upon. 

I will keep this short for tonight, but will leave with you with a beautiful sunset from a previous vacation.


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